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Five Great On-The-Go Snacks For An Energy Boost

Five Great On-The-Go Snacks For An Energy Boost Post Image
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We live in a world where fifty hour work weeks are encouraged, yet, somehow, we are also encouraged to start a family, find love, have some hobbies, and take care of ourselves. The question for a great deal of people regarding this is "How can I take care of myself properly if I am not given the time?" The biggest hit people get is in the health department, because workers often purchase and engage in fast food for snacks and for dinner, which is counter-productive to a healthy lifestyle, even if it saves you time. Here are five foods you can carry with you at all times that can keep your energy up so you can finish what you need to get done, and you won't be starving to death or falling asleep while you are doing it.

Figs: Perhaps some of you don't find figs all that tasty, but the truth is, in the early days of the Greecian Olympics, THIS was the food given to competitors before they would engage, because of the rush of natural energy it would provide its athletes. They are high in (natural) sugar, though, so limit your intake of you enjoy the taste.

Raw Granola: Do not mistake the store bought granola bars as raw granola. Most of those are covered in sugars and preservatives. I am speaking solely of raw granola, which can be purchased by itself in bulk quite inexpensively, and is a delicious way to give you a little kick when you begin to drag in the middle of your day. And no, a chocolate covered granola bar doesn't count.

Banana (with a dollop of) Peanut Butter: This one may sound sinful because of how tasty these two are together, but do not be fooled. The sweet of the banana mixed with the protein of the peanut butter is not only delicious, but will pick you up when you need it most. Just limit the peanut butter, or this becomes counter-productive.

(Butter-less) Pop Corn: See, this list isn't as terrifying or dull as you thought it would be. You would be surprised how much fiber and whole grain you actually get from pop corn, and how essential that can be when you don't drown it all in butter and salt. A good finger food to keep in a baggie in the desk for when you need a boost, plus the benefit of fiber is that it helps give you the illusion of being more full than you actually are.

Almonds: I know you guys were waiting for nuts, and here I am. No, seriously though, almonds are my miracle food. They fill you up rather quickly, are quite tasty (in a very organic way) and they are a miracle food that address a great deal of issues, such as migraine headaches. I am almost willing to say that if you begin to carry almonds with you every day, your life WILL get better. Okay, that is a little much, but still.